Known as: clamping piece

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92852100185ASJ - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185ATD - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185ATJ - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185ATU - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185ATW - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185BQJ - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185BQL - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185DBB - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185DCB - FRONT SEAT
92852100185DDB - FRONT SEAT
92852100185LS5 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185LS9 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185QA7 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185QA8 - FRONT SEAT
92852100185QA9 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185QB2 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185QB1 - FRONT SEAT
92852100185QB7 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185QB8 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185TR1 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185TR3 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185TU1 - CONFORT SEAT
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92852100185XF5 - CONFORT SEAT
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92852100185XF8 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185XF9 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185XG5 - CONFORT SEAT
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92852100185XG7 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185XG8 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100185XG9 - CONFORT SEAT
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92852100186AQL - CONFORT SEAT
92852100186ARL - CONFORT SEAT
92852100186ASL - CONFORT SEAT
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