Sach/Boge suspension components have been standard equipment on Porsche for years. Buy with the knowledge that the factory uses Sachs/Boge parts and stands behind their quality and precision that they bring to everything the manufacture. Sachs/Boge shocks and struts provide a taut, sporty ride while remaining a comfortable street ride. Sold each, two needed for the front of your car.

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92852100190AQG - CONFORT SEAT
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92852100190DBB - FRONT SEAT
92852100190DCB - FRONT SEAT
92852100190DDB - FRONT SEAT
92852100190LS5 - CONFORT SEAT - Black/ Black-white
92852100190LS6 - CONFORT SEAT - Brown/ Brown-beige
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92852100190LS8 - CONFORT SEAT - Blue/ Blue-white
92852100190LS9 - CONFORT SEAT - Burgundy/ Burgundy-white
92852100190QA7 - CONFORT SEAT - Greyish Green/ Greyish Green-white
92852100190QA8 - FRONT SEAT - Greyish Green/grey-green
92852100190QA9 - CONFORT SEAT - Greyish Green/grey-green
92852100190QB2 - CONFORT SEAT - Black/black
92852100190QB1 - FRONT SEAT - Black/anthracite
92852100190QB3 - CONFORT SEAT - Brown/brown
92852100190QB4 - CONFORT SEAT - Brown/brown
92852100190QB5 - CONFORT SEAT - Blue/blue
92852100190QB6 - CONFORT SEAT - Blue/blue
92852100190QB7 - CONFORT SEAT - Burgundy/burgundy
92852100190QB8 - CONFORT SEAT - Burgundy/burgundy
92852100190RU1 - CONFORT SEAT - Grey-beige/grey-beige
92852100190TR1 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100190TR2 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100190TR3 - CONFORT SEAT
92852100190TU1 - CONFORT SEAT
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