AUTOMOBILE ATLANTA'S 914 SEAT UPHOLSTERY KITS OF ORIGINAL MATERIAL We make these excellent seat reupholstery kits from the original material and use them in our restoration shop. Each 914 seat consists of three parts: the cushion, the backrest and the bolster back (the smooth part). You will need all three to completely recover your seat! Available in black, brown, tan or white. this particular part is made from the original smooth vinyl installed only on the factory 1971 produced 914s

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92852100109AA1 - CONFORT SEAT - Dark Green/ Beige/black
92852100109 - FRONT SEAT
92852100109AA2 - CONFORT SEAT - Brown/ Brown/black
92852100109AA3 - CONFORT SEAT - Black/ Beige/black
92852100109AA4 - CONFORT SEAT - Black/ Brown/black
92852100109AA5 - CONFORT SEAT - Black/ Blue/black
92852100109AA6 - CONFORT SEAT - Cork/ Beige/black
92852100109AA7 - CONFORT SEAT - Black/ Black-white
92852100109AA8 - CONFORT SEAT - Cork/cork
92852100109AA9 - CONFORT SEAT - Black/cork
92852100109AB1 - CONFORT SEAT - Dark Green/cork
92852100109AB2 - FRONT SEAT - Black/lobster
92852100109AB3 - FRONT SEAT - Black/black
92852100109AB4 - CONFORT SEAT - Cork/ Brown/black
92852100110JN1 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110JN2 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110LT2 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110NX5 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110NX4 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110NX6 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110NX7 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110NX8 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110NX9 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110PX1 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110PX3 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110PX5 - FRONT SEAT
92852100110RC7 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111NY6 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111NY7 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111NY8 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111NY9 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111NZ5 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111NZ3 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111NZ4 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111NZ6 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111PX2 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111PX4 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111PX6 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111PX7 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111PX8 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111QA3 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111QA4 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111QA5 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111RC8 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111QA6 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111QD9 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111TR7 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111RU3 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111TR8 - FRONT SEAT
92852100111TR9 - FRONT SEAT