Automobile Atlanta is proud to announce the production of the long discontinued 1.7/2.0 control unit securing brackets. As you know the control units for 914s were all mounted on the front of the battery tray, and in fact the '75-76 model brackets were welded to it! Prone to rustout, this direly needed part was nearly impossible to find even among our over 200 914 parts cars! Now we are no longer worried about supply. A perfect factory duplicate, simply power paint semi gloss black or for '75-76 the cars color, and have a new bracket that not even the concours judges could tell from the factory original!

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928522088045HR - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue
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928522088045UY - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Grey-beige
928522088045RH - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown-grey
928522088045WZ - SEAT CUSHION
928522088046HZ - REAR SEAT CUSHION - Blue
928522088046GF - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue
928522088046LB - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Burgundy-grey
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928522088047GH - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue-grey
928522088047NU - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown
928522088047NZ - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown
928522088047SA - BACK SEAT CUSHION
928522088047TH - SEAT CUSHION
928522088047ZK - BACK SEAT CUSHION
9285220880480D - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Lobster
9285220880483S - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Red-blue
928522088048BF - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Anthracite
928522088048GJ - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue-white
928522088048NB - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Beige/brown
928522088048FU - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Grey-beige
928522088048XV - SEAT CUSHION
928522088049BE - BACK SEAT CUSHION
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928522088049LH - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Burgundy-grey
928522088049LA - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Burgundy-grey
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928522088049YC - BACK SEAT CUSHION
928522088049YD - BACK SEAT CUSHION
92852208804XK1 - SEAT CUSHION